Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Floor plans

We are talking about the next phase for us. What will it mean? How will we live? What would/could/change? Who owns what? Who pays for which?

Right now I'm looking at floor plans and I'm not finding a thing that I like. This is as close as I"ve found right now, athough I'm far from loving it. It does have the split bedrooms and some (but not enough) outdoor living space. And I don't love the whole mediteranean look, I'm thinking it could work in a combination of limestone, stucco, cedar and rusted tin.



  1. Phew. Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming ...

    I'm really enjoying following the links you've been providing to different houses. You have really great taste!

  2. And, we're back!

    Do you have your list? Does he? What do you need? What is absolutely unacceptable? It really helps and you'll refine the list over every single house you see. Plus, it'll be easier to compromise on your two lists than it will be once you have actual house plans.

    For instance, my list of musts was: at least 1.5 baths, detached garage, main entrance to the living/family room, spacious rooms (but not necessarily a large house), lots of light. Unacceptable: an open kitchen (come to dinner and see all my dirty dishes!), an outdoor washer and dryer (which is common in Southern California, but weird).

    In the end, I compromised on the 1.5 baths.


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