Thursday, May 31, 2007

She said

C's very sage advice said to get a list of must haves. Here are some of mine. These aren't new, as I've been running this fantasy around in my head for some time. It's just that now I have someone running around in this fantasy with me.

Oh, and to put this in perspective, I'm more of the creative type and Bick, well, Bick is, as the old joke goes about a mother taking her son to the doctor and asking "Is he normal?" "No, I'm afraid he's an engineer" an engineer. So there are wiring incompatibilities even before we get started.

Overall design themes/goals for me

Ease of maintenance - I don't want to be a slave to keeping something up. Rather than a central vacuum system, I'd really like a system of floor drains and central water hoses. Seriously.

Energy efficient - we are planning this to be our last home. I don't see energy costs going anywhere but up. I am, however, more green than Bick who values green, but only if they are Franklins - meaning he'll jump all over energy efficient if it will save him some dough.

Small - two bedrooms, with a remote possibility of three. Around 1200 square feet


1. Undermounted sink with easy to keep clean faucets.
2. Walk in pantry to provide storage and minimize costs by reducing the amount of cabinetry needed. The pantry may actually be in the mudroom/laundry room/back entry way into the house.
3. Eat at island/bar that will seat 4-6 people. Said bar will be between kitchen and the mediocre room. I will have no dining room, but instead a drop leaf dining table will serve as a buffet/hall table when not in use.
4. I'd like to have a gas stove. I've never had gas in any home I owned, but I would like to try it.
5. Flooring - stained concrete, both because I like the look and because it is a very economical choice for Texas.
6. Great dramatic lighting. I want some damn fine lighting. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it damn sure needs to be well done. I hope to get Pebbles to do the lighting design for us. I'm convinced that a great lighting designer is much like Oprah's make up artist - brilliant, magical and able to perform miracles. I think this is critical. Of course, I think Bick will just roll his eyes on this one. It is over these types of issues that will be bumpy for us. I think that getting some real creativity here will provide a really big bang for the buck. I don't want just a functional house, I think that a very creative and interesting house can be had for the same money. That money spent on design is money well-spent.
7. Access to the outside living space. Bick and I really live in two areas of our home. If we are awake, we are either in the kitchen or we are porch sitting on the front porch. I don't see that changing.

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  1. My folks have quite a few of those features in their latest house, but the one that jumped out at me was the concrete floors. They're really quite nice, and not cold at all because Dad installed radiant heating tubes before it was poured. They even doubled up the tubing in front of the toilets. The heat comes either from solar water panels on the roof, or a wood-fired boiler in the basement, depending on the valving and the season. And they're beautiful!


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