Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Administrivia and Tuesday

CowgirlJules, I would love to hear/see more about your parents' place. It sounds very much like what we would like to do.

Pebbles picks up Barkley The Bulldog on Saturday. I think this is a mistake, but it's not my pig.

A big congratulations to C on her completion of her marathon on Sunday. Awesome! I just wish I could buy some of her enthusiasm and determination.

On tap for dinner tonight, Jamacian pork and melon kabobs. Followed by delivery of the futon that Bick has stashed in the extra bedroom to a friend of Sandy's who is in need of some furniture. This means that my bedroom furniture will finally make it's way from Reata South to Reata North. Looks like I'm really moving in.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take care of those details.


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  1. Ooh, I see you mentioned poured concrete walls - that's another thing my folks did, and they like it very much. I've got some photos on my computer; I'll have to put them up on Flickr so you can see them.

    Anything you want to ask about technical construction details, I can forward to my Dad. He didn't contract it himself, but he did work on it with the guys every single day.

    They went for low maintenance nad non-flammable construction materials, as they're in a high fire-risk area. The house stays nice and cool in the summer, and is plenty warm in the winter. The basement was sealed with gunite under the house, in the non-finished part, and there are floor vents that open directly into the main living area to let the cool subsurface air pass through.

    The roof is tin, which they had custom made - they wanted to reflect a style of the old mining lodges in the area, and did it, but in a modern way. Open, large beams in the ceiling, which are beautiful, and a lot of windows.


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