Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Do you like my outfit?

I'm wearing krankypants topped with C's Sombrero of Hate. For no known reason, apparently. Actually, I think it may be the first skirmish in the Thermostat Wars. Yesterday was a decent enough day - got some work done, got my run in, etc. but I started getting irritable on the commute home. It's a long damn commute in fucking bumper-to-bumper traffic and it's getting hotter and the humidity is up in the bazillions. My AC is sort of fritzing out on me and Bick promised to replace the fan motor, but he keeps forgetting that one tool he needs to bring home from work to do what he says is a 15 minute job to replace a 15 dollar part. Okay, I understand forgetting. I forget. He forgets. He asked me to remind him and I didn't. And it is certainly not his responsibility to fix this - I do not want to grow to depend upon him for things such as this. I never want to get to the point again where I feel so helpless when something mechanical goes amiss. But the reader's digest version is that I was hot and sweaty and pissy when I got home.

And I go into the house. Or as I would deem it, the fucking freezer, complete with gale force winds. I don't mind the ambient temperature as much as I do the goddamn registers that blow cold air up my back and on my neck when I'm trying to fix dinner. There are really only two useable counter prep areas in the kitchen and both are over-served by the fucking registers that blow cold air right on me. And blowing cold air right on me is one SURE way to piss me the fuck off. We've looked for register covers that direct the air in a different direction, but we haven't been able to find them. Yes, I know it is very princess-and-the-pea-ish - I'm pissed because I'm too hot and then I'm pissed off because I'm too cold. And I didn't sleep well; I don't like my pillow, it makes my neck hurt more and I think that last night, I quite literally had my panties in a wad. Grrrr.

And Bick is the one quitting smoking. Good thing he was in a good mood.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Keep your cool.



  1. There are times when I really believe we are connected:

    The first bus I take home is so hot my hair sticks to my neck and makes itchy.

    The second bus was so cold my nipples ached from the immediate hard pointing at the driver to hello!

    Then I get home and the mosquitos on my East Dallas Porch tried to carry me away! THEN, that man thinks he can smile at me?

    I drank four Cape Cods (tall) and pouted until someone took me to dinner.

    I do love me some Texas summers but all this rain = humidity = skeeters can sure work a gal.

  2. It's Goldilocks you're channeling dear, Goldilocks. Sucks the way things manage to pile up on each other till you think your last nerve is gonna burst, doesn't it? Go for a ride, go for a run. Focus all that frustration into something positive!! Big props to Bick for hanging in there with the quit! Before you know it, he'll be out there jogging with you.


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