Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The exterior


1. Exterior is non-monolithic. Different finishes to create visual interest on what will be a pretty plain envelope.
2. Exterior elements are to be as maintenance free as possible. Possibilities to include stained-through stucco, rock, brick, copper, tin (old and new), cedar and concrete.
3. Outdoor living area. I'd like an outdoor kitchenish area. Porches for any-time-of-day and any-time-of-year use. Luxury item: outdoor fireplace.
4. Not all country-with-a-K (to quote Lyn). I'd like a little edge to the design, either in structure or finishes. I like the modern awnings which appear to be hung by steel cables.
5. Placement on the lot is critical. I want to take advantage of prevailing winds to cool, etc.
6. Considering poured concrete walls. CIP?

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  1. Forgot to mention, Mom's considering making a hanging kitchen light valance-deal out of industrial steel. It will look neat with the poured concrete counters (which are just the slightest bit of a pain to maintain.)

    It's all kind of a mix of modern-industrial and old-timey mining camp. Beautiful house.


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