Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is there a bitch in here or is it just me?

Just got back from a strength training class with a new instructor. It was like flashback to high school PE. There are just some people who can make me feel like an absolute slug - Lord, I wanted to hurt her. It's people like her who turn girls and women off of athletic/physical activity. It was like having a Marine leading the exercises. This is not the experience that I am after.

Yes, I do want to work hard and yes, bitch, I could probably outlast you. Don't let this flabby ass fool you. But I don't want to be called out in class. I've got a bad neck right now and I'm going to protect it. I'm not getting graded on this shit and I'm not getting paid for it, so just back the fuck off! Quit barking at me. This is supposed to be a collegial and encouraging class that promotes healthly improvements in life style and fitness. Your style leaves a lot to be desired as we are supposed to leave the class tired, but invigorated, not discouraged and feeling inferior. Fuck you.


  1. Ewww, you are so right. It's supposed to be a place where you feel like you "want" to be there. Not like you're not doing well. I took a yoga class at the Park Cities Y one time (my first time ever trying it) and the instructor kept coming over and nudging me to move this, move that... I was so humilated to begin with, with my big butt up in the air and then he kept pointing out how wrong I was doing it all. I never went back. 2 years later I tried again and the instructor was the most forgiving and inviting lady, and I kept at it for months. It's all in the instruction and how they make you feel.

    Fu*k her...

  2. We have one spinning instructor that's pretty aggressive with her workout routines. Luckily, when we're in the middle of a really big climb she encourages us in this quiet, sultry, bedroom style voice. All she's saying is "c'mon, a little more, a little more, keep going. . ." - it's like she's begging for - well, it's pretty motivating. At least for the guys! ;)

  3. I went to yoga for a while, but the open minded instructor made me feel like a big, fat doofus. SO I stopped. She told me once that she wasn't making me do anything my body wouldn't do. Well, yes, sweetie, but my body has not doen such things is many, many years, so we need to take it slowly.


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