Wednesday, June 27, 2007

tired blood

Looks like I'm anemic. Cause unkown, as of yet. More complete set of blood work was done yesterday and I've got a colonoscopy coming up. On one hand, this may actually explain a good deal of what's been ailing me lately. If iron-deficiency is the culprit, it could explain my restless leg syndrome diagnosis. But this explains the fatigue, always being cold, looking washed out, and a few other symptoms. I haven't felt good in a while and I've been beating myself up over it. Now to track down the cause.

The thought of taking vitamins and iron, however, makes my toes curl. All I can think of are the pre-natals I had to take when pregnant with Pebbles. Hurl.


  1. At the very least you've found out what's going on. Fixing it ought to be straight forward, no? Anemia is pretty well understood and quite manageable.

    Is anemia a side effect of that other thing all married, middle aged men fear? (No, not PMS. All males, any age fear that!)

  2. Hope you find the ways that make you feel better very soon!

  3. How much supplementation do you need? Flintstones Complete Chewables have 18 mg of Iron. (Ironically, the Flintstones +Iron have less.) Don't scoff at children's multivitamins - they are surprisingly complete and compare well to most adult multivitamins. Sometime I take the Flintstones. Sometime I take the Dora the Explorer vitamins from Centrum. Cause I'm wild like that.

    Here's the nutrition label:

    Iron can really upset your tummy. When you chew the vitamin it really does lessen the nausea.

  4. Lisame here! That is great advise from Christine. I've never admitted but I take the kids vitamins because I hurl the grown up ones. Plus the chewables absorb better into our system while the "hard" grownup ones pass before breaking up.

    I'm back on the upswing and very sorry to hear you are low on energy. I'm hoping this sudden sunshine (doncha miss it?) will get you back in gear. Watch anemia though, it can kick you where it hurts.

    Wishing you health!



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