Monday, July 16, 2007

I never promised you a rose garden

My vegetable and herb garden was destroyed by vandals on Wednesday morning, although the damage didn't become apparent until a couple of days later.

Bick had mixed up a sprayer full of RoundUp and had set out another full bottle for us to use to kill some grass/weeds in preparation for putting in the new lawn. This was sitting on our FRONT PORCH. We needed to run into town for just a few minutes to drop off Bick's truck in the shop (it blew a head, turns out) and when we returned about an hour later, all of it was missing. I found the sprayer in the back yard, near the garden.

I'm just sick.


  1. I'm sick for you. That absolutely sucks. Be sure you tell your neighbors.

  2. I am too. I've never heard such a thing!

  3. Oh man. That's terrible. Any point in trying to get prints off the sprayer? Or do I watch too much CSI?

    It does offer you the opportunity to re-plant and re-do though. Make it even better. Just allow 3 weeks for the Round-up to dissipate


We'll try this for a while.