Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who are you anyway?

I had an interesting conversation with my Mom today. I have told her in general terms that I plan to build on my land under the mango hut in two to three years. That's part of the deal with them moving in - it isn't a permanent deal. So anyway, she calls me this morning to tell me that she's found the perfect house for me/us.

"It's 5 bedroom, plus a media room, hardwood floors, sweeping would be perfect for you and at 219,700 wouldn't it be cheaper than building?"

Because I'm in dire need of a 5 bedroom house


  1. Aren't we all in need of a 5 bedroom monster like that? Then you'll have room for the hired help to live right in residence!! And your daughter, and Bick's daughter, and your mom, and geeze, everyone can return to the nest!

    My next place? 2 bedrooms, max. One for me & the mate, one for potential UN-related guests. No more.

    Hope Bick's latest round of tests point to some therapy options for him. Fingers & toes crossed for y'all.

  2. What your Mom was saying is that she's found the perfect house for her. You are not really a factor in that at all.

    My house is just under 1,000 square feet plus a detached garage. You know what? It's actually perfect in size - less cleaning, less hoarding, less hassle.

    It's amazing how little you need when you don't have closet space.


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