Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Beck Diet Solution: Day 14

Plan your food.

The book talks about planning in advance for each meal. I probably do that pretty well right now. Bick and I do once a week meal planning and then swap grocery store duties. We cook enough for one evening meal and lunches the next day. I am one of those fortunate people who don't really mind eating the same thing, day after day. I really don't want to have to make a decision - I'm fine with very standard fare.

So for tomorrow I will eat:

scrambled eggs and 2 small sausage patties from the work cafeteria
leftover roasted chicken breast and creamed spinach
chicken caesar salad for a restaurant dinner

Tomorrow is also weigh in for the official start of the diet portion, although I really started before I began reading the book.

I will have to work hard at the writing down part, as right now, I feel like I'm pretty much on autopilot - tomorrow will be the test, however, as it is Halloween. Candy right now is not a threat, but I do need to make a practice cake run for a friend's cake for the end of November. Baked goods, however, are especially difficult for me. I wonder how I can do this? Because I don't really need to practice the baking portion of this - I'm making an Italian Cream cake, but I going to use a new recipe and make my own fondant and try for one of the very graphic whimsy-types cakes that are in vogue right now. This new fondant is made from marshmellows and is supposed to be much better tasting than traditional fondant. I'm pretty excited about trying this new technique. Maybe I can get Bick to do the actual baking or ask for an armed escort while I do the baking part of this. Or - this might work! I can buy some sort of readymade saralee type of thing, crumb coat it and just practice with the fondant. Then give the whole thing away to my neighbors! Yep, I think that will be the plan. I still get the practice but without the temptation and my neighbors get a cake!

How to have your cake and not eat it, too!

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  1. Here's a suggestion for the baked goods (my weakness too) . . . just eat whatever you want AS LONG AS you include the total calories or points into what you allow yourself each day. That way, nothing is off limits forever, it's just a matter of choice. Do you want to spend that many calories/points on that one particular food? It's all about choices! BTW, you've got a great attitude and that will help you succeed too!


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