Thursday, October 18, 2007

Beck's Diet Solution: Day 4

Day 4 - Giving credit where credit is due.

The premise is to give yourself "atta girls" when you do anything positive or avoid diet-blowing actions. Everytime you read, think, post, review, make a good choice, postpone making a bad choice, give yourself a virtual star.

Again, it sounds simple enough. But as someone who practices all or nothing thinking, this will require some work. I find it hard to give myself credit for ANYTHING, much less something as "little" as not snacking between meals. Somehow this all gets wrapped up in "why should I give myself credit when I let things get to this point" rather than being mindful of each positive step I am making right now, in the present.

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  1. One step at a time Rox. Make damn sure you credit yourself for each step, no matter how small.


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