Monday, October 22, 2007

Beck's Diet Solution: Day 7

Day 7 - Organize your environment to optimize success.

This is one habit that was already in place, albeit with a few slips. Those slips most always happen when my frugal nature trumps my will to follow the right eating path. And it most always involves bread. Bread is the thing I have the worst time refusing. Which normally isn't a problem because we don't buy or use bread, except when we are entertaining. Which is still okay, because having a piece of garlic bread won't suddenly explode my ass. What will cause me all kinds of problems is keeping the leftovers - I just need to throw that shit into the trash and not let it trash me.

The other component was organizing your work environment. The Suspects have a thread about what food do you keep stashed at your desk to stave off hunger. My answer? None. I know that I cannot be trusted, that I have no brakes. Those people who can buy a package of M&Ms, eat some now and save the rest for another day? Those people are absolute freaks to me. Cannot do it. Don't know that I ever will.


  1. Can you keep healthy, "good" food at your desk so you are not STARVING when you get home? This may not work for you, but I wish I was better about it.
    As always I love your posts. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  2. I do try to buy/eat some sort of snack right before leaving work. Right now, however, I'm really working on my thought-power techniques to stop any between meal snacking.

  3. "because having a piece of garlic bread won't suddenly explode my ass."

    thanks for the visual Rox.

    Think I heard something about absolute denial being more dangerous than allowing yourself a little of that which you crave so bad - as long as it stays at a little. The long term denial tends to lead to big time binges which can be more damaging. So nibble your bread, and make sure your ass doesn't explode - ok?


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