Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beck Diet Solution: Day 28

Get ready to weigh in.

Dread. I don't want to weigh in tomorrow. Hell, I didn't want to weigh in today. The honest truth is that I'm struggling through the witching hour. And last night I faltered, again. The problems are two-fold, I think. We don't eat early enough to suit me. It's usually 6 o'clock when we get home from the gym. Last night, I started dinner pretty much as soon as I walked in the door, but it still wasn't ready until nearly 8pm. It had been 8 hours since I'd eaten. I was starving -um, no, I wasn't starving, but I was hungry and so when Bick ran to the store to get him some ice cream, I ate several handfuls of nuts, which until I actually weighed the last handful, I'd been grossly underestimating the calories. Sigh. So, looks like I've got a couple of problems to solve. I need to eat earlier, whether Bick wants to or not. I feel like some sort of failure because I want to eat before he does. Secondly, during the witching hour, which is when I am at my most vulnerable, I don't need to be alone in the kitchen because I won't snack in front of Bick - which says something, I'm sure.

The good stuff:

I got in a couple of workouts yesterday, so that's good.

I had no desire for Bick's ice cream.

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  1. No - don't feel like a failure because you want to eat at a different time! I think the more you can recognize what "eating style" works for you and the more you can customize your calorie plan to meet that style, the more successful you will be!


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