Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The AARP tour comes to Dallas

And I've got tickets to this. I am so stinking excited that I can't stand it. It's my Christmas present to me/us - I've never ever spent this kind of money on a concert before and I still didn't get good seats, but what the hell. I just hope they can hold their shit together long enough to get to Big D.

Pebbles actually had to do the ticket wrangling for me, as I was tied up with the wedding stuff this past weekend. She's also providing Bick and I with the use of her swinging bachelorette pad for the night of the concert. So, we'll roll into Dallas, stash the car at Pebble's place and walk over to the venue area, have dinner and then stroll over to the show. Then after it's over, we can walk back to our abode away from home. I need to make sure that Pebbles has a coffee maker!

She was actually quite shocked that I was going. "Mom, that is so redneck. I thought Dad was the big VH fan?"

"Nope, Dad's big band from his youth is ZZTOP; I've always been the VH fan."

Bick knows I can develop a huge case of pre-buyer's remorse, so he had called Pebbles the day tickets went on sale to see if I'd backed out. His plan was to step in if I'd pulled the plug. But I didn't, so I saved him some green.

I've always been a huge fan of VH, well, the original VH, complete with Diamond Dave. And I've always thought that EVH is one of the guitar gods of my lifetime. I'm glad to see him rehabbed (at least temporarily) and back on stage with DLR. I do wonder, however, about VB's decision (if she had a say in it - to let the little one participate on the tour). If Wolfgang was mine, I'd be on that tour as well, keeping him out of harm's way. Of course, my sincere hope is that everyone is old enough to keep their own damn self out of harm's way.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Run with the Devil every now and then.



  1. OHHH good for you!! I know how badly you've wanted to go. Funny too, that you say you "hope they keep it together..." Mark keeps saying the same thing! "They'll probably get in a huge fight before they get here and F*** it all up." Hee...

    Our big night is 12/20, so it's coming up. I'll let you know how it goes. We saw them with "that other guy" back in '95, but THIS will be like for real. dude. Can't wait!! Mark's the bigger fan of the two, but I had no hesitation to go at all. Loved them back in the day as well.



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