Friday, December 21, 2007

Beck Diet Solution: Day 39

Keep up exercise.

I'd give myself a solid C here. Work was just a monster yesterday and I didn't get to either gym. I don't know that I will go today, but my goal is to have twice a day exercise sessions during my vacation. I'm keeping Pebble's dog during the holiday, so there will be dog walking, with a dog for each of us, plus go to the gym. I'm going to try to expend a bit more energy during my workouts.

I'm just really, really bored with exercise. I think I will throw some money at the problem and bite the bullet and buy myself an iPod, as I can't seem to get Pebbles to donate her old one to her mother. I think that I would like to listen to podcasts or audio books or just something to better allow me to disassociate during exercise.

I also need to go back to classes at work, although they are down until mid-January. I need to do more strength training and I need more work on my flexibility. It just seems so hard to get back in the groove - I've exercised 12 times so far this month - not a stellar record. And I probably won't make it today.

I just need to readjust my priorities here. Exercise is another NO CHOICE item.


  1. Exercise is a lot easier if you can find something you love doing. I'd encourage you to give it a lot of thought and maybe think outside the box in coming up with something you can actually look forward to rather than dread. BTW, I enjoy your blog . . . keep up the good work!

  2. Oh, honey. An iPod will change your life. I love mine far more than is probably healthy, but it keeps me sane when nothing else will. A shuffle is the easiest to deal with. Plug that sucker straight into the pc, no charging cord necessary. However, it won't fit on the fancy-pants speaker systems and alarm clocks and whatnot that are sold everywhere now. Whatever you choose, get a genuine Apple. Keep us updated. Podcasts, playlists and itunes, oh my!


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