Friday, February 1, 2008

Beck Diet Solution: Day 11, Round 2

Differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings.

Beck writes about confusing hunger with the desire to eat. I know that I fall into the "desire to eat" category much more often than the "actually hungry" column. And if I stay mindful, rather than choosing to ignore my actual brain, then I'm much more apt to eat when and what is appropriate for me than going off on a food bender.

I am getting better at naming what's going on when I have a desire to eat. Beck advises that whenever you know your stomach is full, or should be, then name that feeling as a craving, rather than hunger. I've experienced some success with this - if I actually take the time to engage in some self-talk or even to whisper aloud that this is just a craving, sometimes it loses it's potency. Not always, but that's why I am working and reworking the book - to increase my skillset and to increase the number of times I do "the best for me" thing. Progress, not perfection.

I'm also trying to move away from labeling things as good or bad. In most situations there are many decisions to be made, some move me towards peace and some don't. I want to think in terms of "better for me" decisions rather than I'm good or I'm bad. I'm still trying to flesh out this idea into a more concrete and easy to use format, but anything that moves me away from self-inflicted wounds is better for me. More peaceful.

Sparkles: Had a lovely dady with Mom yesterday. I needed to run some errands that would take me in the vicinity of the Mango Hut, so I arranged to spend the day with her. We had a lot of fun. She has made what I consider to be a brilliant decision in regard to our property in WA and has hired our former tenant to serve as property manager. She's raised the rent by 40%, so this allows her to pay for this service, which helps our the former tenant who is need of a little help and still affords Mom a raise, while getting some eyes-on help up there. And based on my idea of using Craig's list, rather than an expensive ad, she had 15 inquiries in one day and pending passing a background check, has the place rented out again, starting March 1. So, she handled this very well, and I told her so.

Cavelettis: No exercise yesterday and my eating wasn't as clean as I would have liked, but I did eat in absolute moderation, so I'll take that. I felt good about my decision to enjoy going to one of Mom's favorite places and I love the food, too. I just kept it in check and sent home half of my lunch to be my sister's dinner. Today, I plan to do a spin class, followed by some weight training for upper body at the Jesus Gym.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Let others surprise you.


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  1. Yay for you & your mom on the WA property decision. Sounds like a win-win deal. You did a nice job helping your mom help herself.


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