Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beck Diet Solution: Day 14, Round 2

Plan for tomorrow.

I do a pretty decent job of planning my meals in advance. Primarily this is because I almost always take leftovers for my lunch the next day. And if I don't have leftovers to take, I have a couple of fall-backs that are usually on hand. Except today. Yesterday I worked late, went to the gym on the way home and hadn't made a real plan for dinner last night, so I stopped by The Sonic and got us Fiesta Chicken Salads for dinner. So no leftovers for me. So this morning I checked the fridge and my backup cottage cheese was empty, so I had to make an impromptu lunch to bring. The good thing is that I made my lunch decision this morning, rather than just saying that I'd go to the cafeteria and see what they had. Sometimes they don't have anything that is healthy for me and sometimes they do, but I make a different and not-so-great choice.

I'm still nearly crying in pain over Monday's workout. My eyelashes hurt. My freckles hurt. Everything hurts and I'm popping Aleve like there's no tomorrow. And it doesn't even seem to phase the ouchy. I've done some yoga to try to help and I walked at the gym last night, but I still think I've got a couple more days before this dissipates. Funny thing, I really didn't feel like I was going to be THIS sore. I knew it was a tough workout, but I didn't know I'd pay for it for days. I do know that I couldn't have made it through spin class yesterday. So yet again, in a recurring theme, I need to find some balance here - get a good, hard workout, but not one that leaves me in tears for days afterwards.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't forget the epsom salts.


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  1. Your EYELASHES hurt?!?!?!
    That's too funny.

    Hi Roxie!


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