Monday, February 18, 2008

High School Musical Reunion

Last night I dreamt that I was attending my high school reunion. When it happens in real life, next year, it will be my thirtieth. So this was set up to be your basic anxiety dream for the aged. I'm now so old that I don't dream about going to school and finding out there is a test that I haven't studied for - now I dream about going to a reunion I hadn't prepared for.

Only it wasn't so bad. I showed up looking pretty much like I do when I'm running up to the SuperSaver for a 6pack of Diet Coke. I can remember feeling a little crappy about how I was dressed - no make up, but don't remember trying to hide under a desk or anything. Very strange.

In real world news, I'm struggling with my feelings towards Sandy. Feelings that I don't want to have. Opinions that I certainly cannot share. She's been particularly unthoughtful these days. Sigh. She's 18 and she's acting like it and I just need to remember that and I need to remember this - she's not mine to educate, she's just mine to tolerate. And I need to remember all the times that Pebbles was ignorant, ungrateful and "entitled".

But most of all, I don't want to feel this way about her. I just want to move passed this feeling of irritation. I don't want to be that woman.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Take the long view.



  1. Hi Roxie!

    It's true what the poster brian commented the other that a recent picture of yourself? I think you look fantastic.

    I wrote back in response to your comment on my blog. It's a bit long-winded, but it helped me to think about it.

    Think happy thoughts!

  2. Roxie, I sometimes feel that way about my OWN college-aged daughter. I can't even say she's someone else's!


    Try to remember when it was all about you and you didn't know any better.

    And bless her heart.


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