Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pebbles and Bamn-Bamn

Pebbles and I had our annual smackdown over the weekend. Actually, it wasn't a smackdown on my part, I just refused to take her crap and stood my ground. The aftermath was that I got my feelings good and hurt (she's since apologized profusely) and had a core meltdown.

Bick was sort of caught in the crossfire, trying to provide comfort, wisdom and tea, while ducking. Not my finest hour.

Gratefuls: the 15 minutes spent in the sauna at work yesterday calming myself.
The lovely flowers that Bick sent me, knowing I was still feeling like crap on Monday.
A kid who knows she's been a butthead and will apologize for it.
Glad this shit only happens about once a year.

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  1. Hey, sounds like you practiced saying "no!". Stay strong and hang in there.


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