Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nothing to report

I got my hair done last night - overall color, highlights, cut and blow dry. It looks really nice. TTL and out the door - $159.00. Somehow the price had gone up 50 bucks since the last time I had it done. I know that you can drop a ton of money on the whole hair thing, but this is crazy. I've got to figure out something different to do here. Who can spend that kind of money every 6 week? That's half my annual clothing budget. Do I just bite the bullet and go grey?


  1. Hmmmm. That's hinky. Whenever a stylist has raised their prices they've always told me before they start work.

    Can they do a partial highlight every other visit? Can they skip the full color and do a highlight/lowlight combo?

  2. WOW! That's a chunk of change! For the same thing, I pay $65 plus tip (cut, highlights in 2 colors, style). But things ARE bigger in Texas - ha! ha! I also agree with the prior comment, she should have told you ahead of time. My stylist even mails out a post card if she needs to up her price. Should you just go gray? No way!

  3. That's ridiculous... I don't even pay that here in California, where I think everything's more expensive than in Texas. You can definitely do less every-other visit. I do partials 2 times in a row then a full. It should be less when you get a partial. Be sure to clarify when making the appointment.

    You obviously like this girl, but I do have a friend there in Dallas who does great hair/color. I went to him for 5 years and I miss him so!! Let me know if you want to try someone new next time. I can get him to cut you a deal!


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