Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Evening Post

Just got home from Reata South. Bick replaced some siding on the shop that had needed fixing for ten years. It was nice to get it done - although we didn't get the job completely completed, as we forgot we needed new fascia boards for the sides, but I can get those up when I go back out to paint it.

Bick and his former sat down with Sandy to discuss her financial mess while I was still in Vegas. Evidently it has been snowballing for a while and she kept thinking she could get it fixed, but as most of us learned when we were about Sandy's age - when you are in a hole, put down the damn shovel. Hopefully she will have learned something from this. Bick's out a few more hundred dollars, but if this fixes it, then it's money well-spent. And it seems that it's not just Bick that Sandy keeps things from - her Mom wasn't aware of any of this either.

Lyn's very wise comments got me to thinking about the possibility of depression being a contributing factor and I made the suggestion to Bick. He said that he would talk to Sandy about it - to see if there were some underlying issues at play here. I will definitely try to keep that in mind as a possibility and it will help me be much more understanding of the situation.

We picked up a couple of nice steaks to throw on the grill this evening and some corned beef and cabbage to fix tomorrow. Yummy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Measure twice, cut once.


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  1. "Measure twice, cut once."

    You forgot the "swear, repeat"


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