Tuesday, March 25, 2008

T is for Terrific - T is for Tuesday

Much, much better day yesterday. Finally hauled my sorry ass back to the gym for a boot camp-style class. And I didn't overdo it either. I went and I did most of the class, but I didn't push/punish myself so hard that I'm unable to do anything but crawl today. Today I'll attend a spin class and do some upper body weights at the Jesus Gym on the way home.

I've signed up to attend a meditation class on Wednesday night - it's quite a ways from Reata North, but then again, everything is. I found it on Meet-up and it meets at a UU church about twenty miles away. I'm trying to cut down on my travels, but I do miss attending meditation sessions - so, we'll see how it goes.

Bick got his new phone yesterday so he's back in the fray. All in all, today and yesterday were much better than the three days before. Next up - the annual battle over vacation in WA - I will go, but I don't want to spend two weeks there. I've set up one week as my maximum. I know that I will hear today how selfish and self-centered I am and the only person that I think about is me and that I'm too influenced by Bick, blah blah blah. Should be fun. I'm already stressed about it, just knowing it's coming. Mom left me a voicemail last night asking for dates so that she could tell people up there. Could be I'm borrowing trouble, but based upon our history, I don't think so. We always fight about how long we stay and I think I usually lose and then we switch to fighting about the kind of car we rent and then we fight about money. I f'ing love vacations.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Reinforce your boundaries.


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  1. Boundaries.

    Set 'em, defend 'em.

    If you reeeeeeallly think you're being too unreasonable, go ahead and move 'em (a little), but really, stick with your comfort zones.


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