Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Treat Me Right

Cue up the Pat Benatar music.

I'm having a really good conference - or more specifically, I'm generally in a positive, upbeat mood - the conference is pretty neutral, actually.

I am treating myself very nicely on this trip. I needed to renew my committment to "treating me right" after a week of sickness and carb-craving/indulging, so I decided to turn Hooter's into my double-wide-day-spa away from home. I loaded up my suitcase with the bare minimum in the clothing department and instead, bought most of the contents of a very lavish (and weirdly inappropriate) body and bath set that I received for Christmas. I hate to use the stuff at home because I HATE all the soap-scummy stuff it leaves behind - here at Hooter's, I'm already paying (and tipping) someone else to do the cleanup, so I've been bath-salting and exfoliating and scrubbing and bath oiling myself into tacky pampered luxury. It's been just lovely.

Eating and exercise are going well - and I'm going to keep updating most of those kinds of things on my fitday page - my Treat Me Right scorecard, as it were.

I have to vent here about Sandy and jesus I hate it that this is happening and I hate how I feel about it. She used Bick's "for emergency credit card" last month to the tune of about $500.00 - including a trip to Austin, shopping, dining out, etc. Didn't say a word to him about it. He gets the bill and calls her on it - she was broke and he gets to explain that a sale at Urban Outfitters isn't an emergency. And she'd bounced her last rent check, so he picked up the freight for that plus gives her a couple of hundred dollars. This was all last month. Yesterday, he gets a call from the bank that she hasn't made a car payment in two months (it's set up as an autowithdrawal), and the loan is in Bick's name. Turns out, she's been bouncing checks all over town, etc. She's back living at home, with essentially nothing to pay for except her less than $100 a month car payment. Bick actually wanted her to pay something for this car, after totalling two times in about 13 months. So, what the hell is going on with her? Now these are all my hot buttons, my family issues, all I can see is my Mom's behavior in this crap - so I've just got to stay the hell out of it and try not to let it forever cloud my relationship with Sandy. She's Bick's pig and it's HIS money. I do not have a dog in this fight. More opportunity to practice the fine art of doing nothing.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Exfoliate.



  1. Yay for maids that clean your tubs!! Soak away!

    Good job staying out of the Sandy mess. Tough as it is, you're right to stand pat. However, should Bick ask for a little advice . . .

  2. Maids are a good thing, indeed. I remember doing similar things when I was 17 with my checking account. All these years later, I see it's purely a selfish outburst. I was better at cleaning up my own messes though, because the one person I did NOT want to find out was my dad. I hope he doesn't rescue her too much. Good for you to keep your mouth mum. I am not so sure I'd be as good at that.

  3. Repeat it so often it becomes one word - notyourpignotyourfarm.

    Have a great time taking care of you!

  4. I did pretty much the same thing when I first left home, and the immediate problem was terrible, terrible depression. Not-functioning and trying to fake it depression. (If someone had taken me off the Pill right then, it probably would have fixed everything, but that's not your jurisdiction either.)

    After I got myself upright enough to start to function again, if my therapist had nudged me towards some cognitive-behavioral therapy to get a grip on normal behavior and coping and things like that, I would have not continued to make a mess of my finances for years.


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