Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yee Aw

Spin class yesterday on top of bootcamp on Monday kicked my ass. By last evening, I was so sore I could hardly move, even though I really tried not to overdo it. I don't know if I'm that out of shape from irregular attendance, or if the classes are that tough or both, but I know that I wasn't moving well this morning, so I popped in AM Yoga with Rodney Yee to get my day started.

It really was a nice way to begin the morning and I need to do it more often. Tonight will be the guided meditation class at the semi-local UU church. I don't know a soul there so that's a little tough, but I usually manage those situations pretty well. I'm just not sure what to wear!

I did not respond to Mom's email. If I say more, I just give her more ammunition and end up in more of an arguement. I would like to put a stop to this kind of behavior from her, but I don't think that it is my place to try to change her or educate her - lord knows I've tried. I just need to not let it get to me and have me resent it and have the issue fester, as it has in the past.

This is a pretty typical exchange - actually I had predicted exactly how it would go - I've been to this dance before. The petty bitch in me just wants to say "Fine, then we won't go. Suits me just fine." And then JUST NOT GO. NO MATTER WHAT. But I'm trying not to get into wrestling contests with pigs. I just want to let all her bullshit wash over me and not engage in any way. What she expects is that I will capitulate, as I usually do. But on the week, I am firm. She is free to stay longer - if that is impossible due to lifestyle choices she/they have made, then those are just consequences of her/their actions. Not my fault they don't have credit cards and it's not my fault that my 32 year old sister won't drive on a freeway. NOT MY PROBLEM. I don't sound the least bit bitter, do I?

And of course, I can't talk with Bick about this, nor can I talk with Pebbles, as I feel like I would be poisioning her against them. This is a bad habit that I've developed - bitching to Pebbles and I need to stop it. It is inappropriate of me to do and I'm working to stop it. So I'll bitch/vent/whine about it here. Lucky you.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Defense, not offense.


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  1. Suggested response to your mom - copy/past your original note, word for word and resend it. No more, no less. All that says is that you are willing and able to go, these are my conditions, period. No whining, no capitulation, just boundaries.


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