Sunday, April 27, 2008

There will be peppers

The predicted bad weather didn't materialize overnight. It's raining, but nothing like the dire warnings heard over local weather reports. If it stops raining, I'm going to try to set out the tomato plants I bought yesterday. Bick has been trying to start tomato plants indoors for a couple of years, without much success. We've got a jumble of unknown pepper plants that will go into the garden to cross-polinate or cross-breed or do whatever peppers do - he didn't label any of his seedlings. All we know is that the tomatoes didn't make it and there will be peppers, of some ilk.

Got the edging in for the south bed, but didn't progress more than that. Spent time weeding the vegetable and flower beds and just generally walking around and deciding what we need to do next. We are always looking for ways to make our lives more low-maintenance. Bick's suggestion is to remove the walkway from the driveway to our patio and redo the other walkway to make it more substantial. This will accomplish a couple of things - it will cut down on the gravel that gets tracked into the house and it will make mowing easier, as it removes an oddly shaped island of grass that requires me to mow it with the push mower, rather than Bick's Tilt-O-Wheel of Mowing Machines. It all makes sense to me - I'm for less work. I do think that we've done a good job so far of getting a lot of bang for our outside efforts, both in dollars and time. And neither one of us is in any big hurry to make it perfect now. Maybe that's the key - be so lazy that you don't get into a big hurry about anything. The fine art of doing nothing.

Today demands some laundry be done or we will be going to work half naked.

And speaking of half naked - another reason why I absolutely adore Bick. Our weekend guests have gone home from the beach cabin and I'm out in a chaise lounger on the biggest deck in the world, reading a book. Bick asks me, "What can I do right now to make your life better?" (This might be reason number one - he pretty much dotes on me.) I asked him if he could please be my cabana boy and bring me an adult beverage. I go back to reading and watching the waves, and pretty soon I hear, "Miss Roxie, here is your beverage. I apologize for the lack of paper umbrellas, but I flunked origami class". I look up to see Bick prancing across the deck, carrying my drink on a tray and wearing a pair of my thong underbritches. Holy Shit. I laughed so hard that I was gasping for breath. Crazy, crazy man!


  1. I have tried various forms of seed-starters, and Park's win hands down. I have the Bio-Dome, but I would rather have two smaller ones (or two of those) since I tend to start in cycles. I use a couple of AB Chao's $6 clamp-on worklights with full-spectrum CFLs down right on top of the cover, which works a treat.

  2. My eyes thank you for not posting pictures of your cabana boy.

    Y'all can have your tornados and 90 degree heat with the air so thick you need a spoon to breathe. I'll take a couple feet of snow every now and again. Never had to go collect my roof from the neighboring town after a little snow.

  3. You are a lucky, lucky woman! ;)


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