Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Point of View

Spent my earlier morning minutes with Rodney. Truly is a great way to start the day. I need to be more regular with my practice. Spent a long time talking with Bick last evening. It's evenings like that which are the lynch pin of our relationship - just hanging out in the kitchen and catching up on our day(s).

While I was in Belton with my sister, he had gone down to Cypress to unload his oldest sister's moving truck at his Mom's house. It's a long story, but the crux is that most of his family which used to live in the Amarillo/Canyon area is now moving to Cypress - also known as Pleasantville, according to Bick. He had a wonderful time visiting his 84 year old mother, who while is generally in good health, seems to have some trouble keeping "the sugar diabetes" in check. She's passed out twice in last weeks, and the family made the decision to take her car away. Bick says she seems just fine with that and when her oldest daughter makes her move in a couple of weeks, things should be set.

Bick also learned that Sandy has been inviting people to the beach house left and right! He told her she could bring a couple of friends - Bick has uncovered 7 people that she has invited - don't know how many will show up, but Bick and I had a talk last night about what MY expectations are for my vacation - and they don't include being the sole chief cook and bottle-washer. He completely agreed. I just wanted to manage everyone's expectations. Sandy and her crew are not checking into the Roxie-Hilton! I'll make sure there is plenty of food and drink available, but the Beachy-Keen will be a self-serve establishment and clean-up is expected. I may choose to engage a bit more while we are there, especially if adults show up, but I will make that decision at the time.

Tonight I'm attending a panel discussion hosted by CBS newsman Bob Schieffer. I've gone to the last several of these annual events and they are always interesting. Bob got his start in Fort Worth as a newspaper reporter - and got his big break during the JFK shooting when Oswald's mother called the local paper to get someone to take her to the Dallas jail where Oswald was being held. Cub reporter Schieffer just happened to answer the phone.

Back to the Guy situation - Bick's advice was that perhaps we both had a bad day and just be available for Pebbles. Our communication is pretty good and so I think I can talk to her about HER happiness and leave Guy out of it. Jill, I agree with you - I don't want there to be tension between Pebbles and I, but your Marks' excuse won't hunt for Guy. He's 38 years old, too old to be immature. Both Guy and Pebbles are going through an adjustment period and I hope that I am completely and totally wrong. Although since posting yesterday, I remembered a conversation that Pebbles had with a friend of hers who told Pebbles that she thought Guy was very condescending towards her. So perhaps I'm not the only one. I just have to trust that Pebbles will call bullshit if she sees it and will either, one, work with Guy to fix this, or two, pack her stuff and move on. It's her call, but I've got her back.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find a good ledge-talker-offer.



  1. Happy Birthday to Pebbles, belatedly. If it helps, I kept my mouth shut (and nearly bit my tongue in half) and eventually GirlChild broke it off with Boyfriend on her own. I trust that Pebbles has her Momma's good sense, too!

  2. Yes, Mark was just about 35 when we reunited. Being 38, you get no wiggle room. Get on with the security, compliments and love already.

    I love your closing... "Find a good ledge-talker offer." I'm a big fan of the ledge and am so grateful to my talker offers!


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