Monday, April 7, 2008

Secret sauce

If you haven't planned a thing for dinner and you come in worn out from a glorious spring day outside of yard and garden work, here's a down-and-dirty dinner hack that turned out really good.

Take the leftover spinach dip, the kind from FritoLay, that comes in a jar. Add a little fresh garlic to the saute pan, a little onion and the remainder of the dip. Cut it with some chicken stock - low sodium, because it's salty enough already, throw in a few fresh herbs and let it sort of cook down. Add a (very few) capers at the end and serve over pasta, or in my case, steamed cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Yummy and on the table in the time it takes to cook Bick's pasta.

Good weekend, complete with beautiful weather. We got the Cadillac out and got it cleaned up and photographed. It's going online for sale today. Bick's bummed about it, but he doesn't drive it enough to warrant keeping it.

I worked in the vegetable garden - doing some weeding. I planted our okra, after we finally managed to find seeds at the third or fourth place we tried and filled in the spots where the peas didn't appear to be germinating. We didn't get around to putting in the new foundation bed on the south side of the house, but we did get it marked out and measured. Next weekend, if the weather holds.

I washed and detailed Mitzi last evening - it was just too wonderful a day to let it end without wringing every last ounce of excuse to be outside. I've grown a bit lax in keeping Mitzi up - something I vowed not to do. But when you live on a gravel road and park at a construction site at work, it's an uphill battle it seems, but it's one that I need to improve on.

On the-size-of-my-ass-front, I ran for about 5 miles on Saturday and it felt pretty good. Hips and calf muscles squalked about it later. I was very happy and surprised to find that my shorts from last year seemed to fit a little better than they did when I last wore them. I don't know if there's any difference on the scale, as I gave up weighing, but I'm okay with all of it.

Suz, you are just about the funniest thing wagging about - Twister, my ass!

And Zeut, just want to know if you are doing okay?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Pay attention to details.


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  1. Five miles! That's fantastic. I'd be happy to just run five minutes at this point.

    Okra, though! I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool Southern girl, but I just can't handle okra. And my grandmother even used to cook it fresh from the garden! It's a serious failing . . . .


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