Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vacation Prep

Stayed up too late last night watching King Corn, a documentary that I'd been wanting to see. Interesting film that attempts to tie the farm bills of the Earl Butz era (mid-1970's) to the current obesity, junk-food culture.

Today will be a clean-off-my-desk and clean-out-my-email-inbox day, followed by a luncheon and a talk given by the author of the Chyna Bayles herbal mystery books. Speaking of not-great-literature-that-I-like-to-read-anyway, I've got to go to the library to get a handful of books to read. One of our co-vacationers is a librarian, so I am looking forward to getting my book on, both in reading and talking about books.

I'll be away until nearly the end of the month. Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others while I'm away.


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  1. Have a great trip!! Remember which fight your dog is in. Be kind to yourself - I remember reading that somewhere . . .


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