Thursday, May 29, 2008

Approaching Normal

Sandy is not in Chicago as it turns out. Bick saw her and her mother last night. Sandy has come up with a plan to get herself together as Bick requested to return herself to academic possibility and fiscal solvency. I'll remain hopeful. For now, it appears that she and Bick are going to remain estranged, at least for a while. She shows no interest in having a relationship with him and he's tired of trying to push it. I don't know that it's his long term solution, but he is taking the summer off to see what happens. And by taking the summer off, I mean he's not initiating contact, invitations, etc. He, of course, will be open to anything she initiates. The two of them seem to keep each other's buttons permanently set in the ON position and it will be up to them to figure out what to do about it. But first, do no harm. It's just hard to know what that is.

Bick got the order in for the lumber/supplies with a scheduled delivery of next weekend. He's called the electric company to come mark lines and we've started on site preparation. It's the first step in the whole yard redo that will involve new raised planting beds, some outdoor living space, and a chicken coop. The chicken coop won't happen until the last thing, but it's one of the things Bick is most excited about. He raised chickens as a kid and can't wait to have them again. I've never had chickens and remain a bit skeptical, but whenever we go visit the Poolville Pagans, Bick carries around one of their chickens like it was a puppy dog. The man loves chickens. Weirdo.

Not much in the form of forced exercise, although I did unload 1,500 pounds of decomposed granite last night via shovel and wheelbarrow for our expanded pathways. I don't know that has a category for that!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Just keep shoveling.



  1. decomposed granite? How do they get a rock to rot? Are my countertops in danger?

  2. Brian,

    You'll be sorry to know that 1,500 pounds of granite cost me $20.00! Bet you paid more per pound for yours!


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