Friday, May 16, 2008

Hardhatted Hannah

Yesterday I had the distinct please of seeing Pebbles in action, replete in her hard hat and steeltoed shoes, tromping over a job site with the construction foreman and builder. Pebbles bought me a nano for Mother's Day, but forgot to give me the box it came in, including ear buds, cords, instructions etc., so I arranged to meet her at the jobsite somewhat near Reata North.

I pulled into the parking lot across the street as to not disturb her meeting. It's both an odd and moving experience to watch a child interact with the world as an adult. I've heard her doing her job on the phone talking with clients, scheduling meetings and deliveries and such, but I've never got to see her in action. Of course I couldn't hear what was being said, but when I looked across the street, all I could see was a young woman who appeared to be in control and confident.

I'm still in a funk. Glad the weekend is here, but it will be filled with too much to do. I did tell my Mom about my wishes for her to get her own bank account and that went over as expected. And now she doesn't appear to be speaking to me. The surprising discovery for me is that stuff like this really bothers me more than I thought it did. That standing up for myself and facing the possibility of displeasing her really does affect me. I didn't really know that these anxieties manifested themselves in me in such a way. I've been feeling stressed and anxious, stomach aches, lethargic, etc. So this is good news, I guess. I'm now recognizing what really does throw me into a funk - which becomes the first step to getting myself out of it.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Wear a hard hat in dangerous situations.


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