Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mulchfest '08

Mulchfest '08 drew to it's rain-drenched conclusion yesterday. There were 22 attendees to view the 25 yards of mulch piled in Bick's backyard.

Twenty of the attendees took up residence in the new south bed, where they appeared much smaller than they had on the showroom floor. They were tucked in and surrounded by Roxie and Bick's bad mulch decision of 2007, which had to be lifted from the front beds and transported in a gale storm to it's new home in the south. New, less bleedy mulch was then put in the front beds, where Roxie and Bick will enjoy it not turning the damn fishpond some awful shade of red.

Most of the mulch at mulch fest was transported by Walter and his traveling tractor to fill a low spot in the back yard. Somehow Bick thinks this is a good idea. Roxie is beginning to think Bick may be a taco short of a combo plate on this one.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Bury bad decisions in the past.


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