Friday, May 2, 2008


Pebbles had a site meeting at the bank building site that she is working on. It is somewhat near the house, so when she finished the meeting, she headed up to Reata North. She stopped by and picked up dinner for the three of us and hung out until after 9pm. It was great to just see her sprawled out on the couch, poking through the fridge and acting like she owned the place. It was, however, hard on Bick, I think. He told Pebbles how highly he regards her and she told him that she was an absolute ass when she was Sandy's age. I don't know if it made him feel any better. And she was an ass at times, just not about any of the same things that Sandy is doing. Partly because I've never been afraid of being Pebbles' parent rather than her "friend". 18 year old girls do not need friends - they need parents.

And things with Sandy appear to be getting worse - if there was anything left to salvage with this semester, she's pretty much thrown it away by leaving for a long weekend in Austin, a flight to Houston for some concert, right in the middle of finals week. Bick talked to XMB last night who told him of her plans and the two of them agreed that she shouldn't be allowed to go, but Pebbles called me this morning to say that Sandy's socialnetworkingsite was updated this am to say that she was in Austin. I am not going to tell Bick - he can find this out for himself.

He and XMB are meeting tonight to discuss things, but I think the outlook is bleak - both for Sandy's future and for she and her Dad's relationship.

Update: Meeting with Bick and XMB has been postponed until Monday. Don't know why.

We are heading out to Reata South to continue some home repair/improvement that needs taken care of out there. I am working really hard not to start a new project before completely finishing the last one. So, it'll be new fascia boards, new paint and a new window pane for the shop, plus, time permitting, repairing a hole in the floor. If we get that done it will be a miracle.

I'm also planning to get in a four mile run in the morning.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Patch where necessary.


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  1. I'm going to suggest you should tell Bick or suggest that he check her site. (Can you rss these things? I know nothing of social network sites.)

    You are not in the business of withholding info from your partner. You aren't in the snitch business either, of course. You didn't go searching but now you are sitting on this information. It's not a good situation, but I think cluing him in is your best option.


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