Monday, May 5, 2008


All things considered, it was a decent weekend. Lots of talk surrounding Sandy, of course. Bick has pretty much resigned himself to the fact that he is powerless to influence much in Sandy's life at this point. In his view, these types of issues are the very reason he divorced XMB - her unwillingness and/or inability to set any sort of limits or boundaries for Sandy. I expect this is part of the reason that the XMB developed a migraine on Friday and couldn't meet with Bick to discuss Sandy. And Bick had figured out that Sandy had gone to Austin/Houston and if the XMB didn't flat out lie about it, she certainly wasn't forthcoming with the complete truth. So I was off the hook, but as C said, I did have the obligation to tell Bick what I knew and I had already changed my mind about it, but he figured it out for himself before I even got home.

He has made some decisions for himself, however. He is no longer in the business of financing her education. His new business is reimbursement of educational expenses at the end of a semester for grades of C or better. I think he should set the bar to Bs, as Cs don't do her any good - she's in too big a hole, but that's his call. And all of this is assuming that she is actually eligible to return to her current junior college in the fall. Unfortunately the upfront financing of Sandy's tuition, etc. will fall on XMB, but Bick's thought is that perhaps she will step up and be a bit more involved if her wallet is on the line.

Of course, none of this takes into account her lack of health insurance. He pays the XMB to carry Sandy, as her insurance is better, but XMB's insurance requires full-time status. Sandy is no longer a full-time student, so Bick is in a pickle about what to do here. He's checking to see if his insurance has the same stipulation of full-time student status. He said that he will continue to cover her health insurance, if he can take her on to his policy.

There's more to say about all of this, but it's just churning I suppose, and does no one any real good.

I had a good four mile run on Saturday morning, unfortunately it happened when I was trying to do six! I finished, albeit slowly and didn't suffer much the rest of the day. We headed to Reata South and didn't finish our overly-ambitious agenda, but we can pick that up another day. What we did do, we did well and that gave us both a nice sense of accomplishment. The weather for lovely for the entire weekend.

Sunday found us engaging in a little retail nursery therapy - I needed a few more herbs for the garden and of course, you can always find "gotta-haves" when you visit the growers this time of year, so we puttered around in the garden for several hours on Sunday morning and then removed the secondary walkway to the patio/porch. And then we sat down and admired our progress.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Tough love is, well, tough.



  1. I think Bick has absolutely made the right decision (altho' I'd insist on Bs, too) about financing Sandy's education. She has demonstrated several times over that she is just throwing his money away for no good purpose.

    Now it is her turn to prove to him she's serious about school before he spends a cent. I don't think that's unreasonable at all. If she chooses not to attend classes, that's her choice. It might do her good to grow up a little before she tackles school again.

  2. I can appreciate him wanting to still try and help her with the whole insurance. It doesn't do ANYONE any good for her to go without. I should know as my little accident occured while I was uncovered. I was just 18 days from being covered. Bad decision on my part to not go cobra for the month 3 months inbetween. Damn. You just never know when accidents will happen and in the long run it would cost SO much more... I feel bad for him and the situation, he seems like he is so nice about it all and it must hurt to know she is so careless.

    Your weekend sounds lovely as usual... gardening and running!


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