Thursday, May 1, 2008

Were you surprised? I wasn't.

Well, crap. Turns out Sandy is still at it. Exhorbitant, non-emergency charges on Bick's stranded-on-the-side-of-the-road for emergency use only credit card. For the fourth month running. He pulled the card last night and then decided to see how her school was progressing - believing her up to this point when she said everything was going just fine. She'd dropped two classes, taking her out of full-time student status and leaving her without health insurance coverage. I don't expect much in the way of stellar academic performance when the grades for her other classes are tallied. She's now used all of the drops that she's allowed under Texas law for public higher ed students.

Bick and the ex-Mrs. Bick are going to have to work together to get this kid refocused. I echoed Lyn's very wise advice regarding depression and suggested that a professional family "facilitator" might be in order.


  1. Texas limits drops? I wonder if NY does. I can see parents liking the idea.

    Good for Bick pulling the card. He has the patience of a saint for holding out even THIS long.

    Congrats on killing a debt. That is such a freeing moment. Reward yourself with something frivolous. Small, but frivolous.

  2. Maybe she needs to just go out into the real world and try to make a living in order to appreciate what she's throwing away??

  3. Oh, Lord. Can you imagine if she were away at university what mess she'd be in? That one is a piece of work, she is.

    Seconding the congrats. Good for you!


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