Wednesday, June 18, 2008

brain dump

I am loving my books on tape. My commute is such a long one that I get through them pretty quickly. I'm also supplimenting with actual, real reading and am loving that as well.

My body decided to let go of a couple of pounds. Nice.

Things have not been good for Bick. One of his childhood friends was found murdered over the weekend. It's an ugly, ugly deal with all sort of rumors flying about. Bick will participate in the services in his hometown on Saturday.

The framing crew is scheduled to appear on Saturday morning, so I will be functioning as the GC. I'm being left with Bick's pickup and a pile of cash and told to make this happen.

We can't get any roofing company to even call us back, much less come out to give Bick an estimate on the wind damage he sustained during the nearly 80-mph winds we had a few weeks back.

If you miss picking zucs by even one day, you get some unuseable monster vegetables. Must wear glasses into the garden.

Read some distressing research that says if you exercise vigorously and then stop and gain weight, your exercise levels must now EXCEED your old levels in order to lose weight. I don't want to run that much! Very disheartening.

Pebbles called Bick last Sunday morning to wish him a happy father's day and to invite he and SadieLu (and me) to go watch a semi-pro baseball game set up for Dad's and Dogs on Father's Day. We didn't go, but Bick certainly appreciated the gesture.

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  1. That's a nice young'un you got there.


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