Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Every child's nightmare

Brussel sprouts with lentils. Except it really was yummy. Bick and I are trying to do the vegetarian thing once or twice a week, so yesterday I went trolling for a recipe that contained the unlikely combination of brussel sprouts and lentils, two items that I had on hand. And I came up with this. The only thing that I would change next time would be to shred my sprouts and carmelize them on the stove top with the onions, rather than in the oven separately, but it was still a very good recipe, one that I will make again.

Did time on the elliptical yesterday and followed up with the afternoon splash time aka water aerobics with Angela or should I say, Devila. Good class that leaves me very, very relaxed and tired.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Eat your vegetables.



  1. Love both roasted sprouts and lentils. I went and grabbed a copy of that recipe to give it a test run. Being a vegetarian by proxy only, Might combine this with some salmon done up in a dijon mustard sauce.

  2. Ha! If my childhood self could see the things i eat now, she would be truly horrified.

    I love brussel sprouts. Had them tonight, in fact!


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