Monday, June 30, 2008


On Saturday, NBC aired the original episode of Saturday Night (Live) hosted by George Carlin. The first episode hit the airwaves in 1975 - I was fifteen years old and thought it was the most amazing piece of television I'd ever seen. I was smitten with both Carlin and the show from that point on. I saw Carlin perform live in Seattle in 78 I think. I wonder if my then-boyfriend was reminded of me as I was reminded of him as Carlin passed this past week.

While watching the show, I noticed a skit where Jane was wearing a tied-at-the-waist apron. I miss aprons - my grandmother had a bunch of aprons - most were functional, but the "fancy" aprons were always pulled out on holidays, when the women in the family dressed for our dinners, which included aprons made of organza and tulle, ribbons and lace to wear while prepping food. Aprons of that ilk seem to have gone out of fashion, as have many of the "home making" arts.

I was thinking of that this weekend as I was putting together a couple of fresh flower/plant/herb arrangements for the house. I picked a bouquet of what I think are bluebells for the table and since I was on a roll, went out to the herb garden and created not really a flower arrangement, but more a greenscape arrangement to sit on the coffee table in the living room. It has rosemary, artemesia (a couple of varieties), thai basil, mint, some blooming parsely and other stuff that I can't remember. It turned out really cute and smells delicious. It did make me realize that I would like to take a class in flower arranging. I know the basics, as Mom took some classes back in the day and taught me a few things - I'm able to recognize a properly designed arrangement, but could certainly use some help in creating displays of my own. Those classes just don't seem to be as available as they were some years ago, at least that I've seen.

I also cut up and froze some more of our bountiful zucs. I don't know how this will work, as I've never done it, but I just washed and sliced the squash and then put it in the freezer on trays to freeze as individual pieces then placed the veg into gallon freezer bags. I also did some onions that the neighbors gave us that way, as well as green peppers from our own garden. Then they just go into bags and are available to pull out by the handfuls for use in sauces, stir frys, etc. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Think back.



  1. Ohh, we watched the Carlin show as well. He was always one of my faves. His whole approach to comparing things always made me laugh. I saw him live in Vegas in 92. Great show, great man. He did this whole skit comparing Dogs/Cats and how their personalities are so different. Dogs, happy go lucky, bumping into things and just plotting along like big dumb animals... Cats, falling off of a ledge and straighteing their backs all the while saying, "I meant to do that, I meant to do that..." I've always remember that joke.

    Aprons... I miss them too. It's the first thing my eye sees at any estate sale. I've got a nice collection going. Let's BRING them back, you and me.

  2. Aprons....I collect them too. Isn't that odd? Maybe it's our age..


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