Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning Post

I'm CrabbyPatty today - and yesterday. Unfit to be around, I suspect. I've been dreading this weekend - awfulizing, as is my wont.

Bick went to visitation last night. The funeral is today. The good news is that his mom didn't have a stroke, at least recently. The test results were showing a mild stroke that she had had sometime in the past. The doctors think the most recent episode is a result of a medication reaction. So that is very good news indeed. She is expected to be released from the hospital today.

Interesting thing I discovered last evening while I was trying to prepare food, snacks, clean up the house for the work crew this weekend - I was really pissed that I "had" to have all this food in the house that I couldn't eat. How stupid is that? I had a whole evening of "it's not fair" as I kept myself away from the cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and cheese cake, as well as the chips. I was just flat pissed. Don't know what to make of it, but it was the first thought I had again this morning - there is dangerous food in the house and I can't have any of it. I think this may pretty much be a dry drunk, in alcoholic terms. jesus.

Guy (Pebble's beau) had day surgery on his hand yesterday to biopsy a nodule that has returned after surgery back in February. The doctors have called in an infectious disease specialist, as this problem has been plaguing him for nearly a year and after countless treatments, plus on surgery, nothing has been resolved and his right hand has been nearly unuseable. Makes it kind of tough when you are trying to build an addition to your house.

Well, the first of the crew has arrived.

Take good care. Be kind to others. Have a cookie.


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  1. Didja notice how all your snacky foods started with the letter "C"? Look:

    "cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and cheese cake, as well as the chips"

    That why you were Crabby?

    Good to hear about Bick's mom. Should be straight forward to track down the medication change, yes?

    What's this with all the food for the work crew? Bick calling in some favors to get the work done? Seems like you're their sole means of sustenance for the weekend. I wanna come work for you too!!


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