Friday, June 20, 2008


Bick's Mom's stroke didn't appear to do much, if any, damage. She's still hospitalized and still undergoing tests, but appears to be doing okay. Bick's torn between going to see her and the wake/funeral of a long-time friend. At this point, his plan is to go to see his Mom (all his sisters are with her) when I go to WA - which is in just a little over a week. I'm so not prepared.

I've got an unsettling weekend ahead of me, with the framing/roofing crew scheduled to come in tomorrow bright and early. I just hope all goes well and on schedule.

Eating is still going well, although this weekend will be a challenge, as I brought home snacks, treats, etc for the crew. It will be tough to keep me out of them. Exercise has fallen off, between work and the stressors at home.

I'll just be glad when this workday is done and I can better get my ducks wrangled into a damned row.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Plan for coffee breaks.



  1. glad to hear the stroke didn't seem to do too much damage - hope she's on the mend quick!

    And good luck this weekend with the crew! I'm sure you'll do a great job managing them. :)

  2. Well, this is good news that she seems to be doing good. My thoughts go out to you all and Bick at this time.

    Good luck this weekend, I'm sure all will go as it should! Just crack the whip and the crew will stay on task.


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