Monday, July 14, 2008

Degree of Difficulty

In my head, I'd stuck very closely to my food plan of sticking with 1500 calories. Thought I was probably under, actually. After all, I ate my Texas Caviar on zuc slices rather than chips and I didn't snack between meals and I didn't even have a real breakfast, save some leftover grilled tuna, just to get some protein down. So, I was expecting a loss this morning and didn't get it.

Eating right needs to come with degree of difficulty points added on. Dieting by yourself when you have complete control of your pantry would be a low DOD score. Dieting when socializing when there are lots of yummy options around should have a high DOD score, which rewards you with EXTRA weight loss when you do well in difficult surroundings. Unfortunately, you don't get rewarded for all the good choices that you make, for all the crap that you overlook, pass up and don't go for. You can make nineteen choices to pass up the crap, but still fail miserably if you can't seem to pass item twenty. Hardly seems fair.

Despite the scale not moving, we did have a wonderful afternoon with the Poolville Pagans. They've done some amazing work on their place - honest to god, it's like a retreat for me to go out there. It's always inspiring - I just wish it wasn't so damn far.

I'm not really discouraged with the scales, more mildly irritated but still plan to get in some good exercise today. A good 500 calorie burn at the gym followed by a walk tonight with Bick and Sadie. Oh, funny thing happened at the Jesus Gym on Saturday morning - a brand new bodypump class was getting ready to start just as I was finishing up my workout and a woman my age came up to me and asked me if I was joining the class, I told her no that I was just finishing my workout, but asked her if she liked the class. She said yes, that she thought it really helped her with her sloping shoulders - but that I had really nice square shoulders and didn't need the workout. I don't know if that was a compliment or a dig, saying that I needed to play fullback for the Green Bay Packers!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Square up your shoulders.


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  1. It was a compliment Rox. Really. She was taking the class to square up her shoulders (improve her posture) and admired yours.

    Way to go keeping your head on straight with the workout/weight business too. You know what works and what doesn't, just relax and get to work.

    Oh - and congrats on surviving the trip. Ya done good!


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