Friday, August 8, 2008

10 down, 10 to go

I'm one pound away from "regaining" my one hundred pound weight loss. I was a lot more pleased with myself when I hit this weight three years ago. But as Beck says, Oh, well. It is what it is. Ten more pounds will put me comfortably in my size 8 clothes again. Hell, I'm wearing them now - they just aren't that comfortable!

Car is still not done. But at least they gave me a loaner. What a pain in the butt! So I've had no exercise for a couple of days and now I'm sort of in a quandry. My running group meets tomorrow for the first time and I'm assuming we will run. Having fresh legs wouldn't be a bad thing. I may just take it easy for one more day to see how I handle the run on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to having someone to run with. We'll see if that lights my fire.

Neighbor dropped by last night and brought us a cantaloupe out of his garden. It wasn't much bigger than a softball, but oh dear lord was it spectacular. I've never had fresh from the garden cantaloupe. I know what I'm going to try to grow next year!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Regain your focus.



  1. Way to go on the weight loss! I too am trying to lose a few. Right now I am in a size 12 and am hoping to fit in a size 8 again.

  2. Well Hi there ! Thanks for visiting my blog ! You are right, I think we are living the same Life ! I am heading back down on the scale with a 6.4 lb loss this week so far ! I am just ecstatic ! Remodeling, yes we do live the same life ;) haha !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep up the great work !!

  3. size 8! Can't remmeber the last time I was a size 8!


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