Monday, August 18, 2008

Course Corrections and a Mixed Bag

Back up that half pound. Grr.

Other corrections:

The girl did finish the mile at run school on Saturday. She just cut through the building after finishing and that's why I didn't see it. Our instructor posted our times on the gym's website and I saw that she did finish. I also saw that I had misheard the time I was given at the end of the run. My pace is right at what it was when I ran the 5 miler in 2006 and far ahead of what it was when I ran my first 5K in March of 2006. I don't know that I could keep up that pace for 5 miles, but it really felt like my normal pace, so perhaps I could.

Other things I'm choosing to be happy about. Okay, so I weigh the same thing that I did in November of 2005, but the weight is certainly distributed differently as I am at least one, if not two sizes smaller than I was then.

Things I'm not quite so happy about: I can hardly walk. Run school encouraged us to run in a more on-the-balls-of-your-foot, instead of my usual slap, slap, slap foot fall and my calves are so freaking sore I nearly scream with every step I take. I'm popping Aleve like theys chicklets, had Bick give me a rubdown and he cut an icy hot back bandage in half and put each half on a calf and I slept in those last night. I don't feel that much better today. So again, after Run School, I'll be starting the week in the hole on homework. Given that this is such a crazy week at work, don't know that I'll get much homework in anyway. Orientations happening.

And speaking of Orienations. Sandy sent her Dad an email on Saturday morning informing him that she is going to school in Chicago and will be leaving next Sunday. I don't know how she managed to talk her way into this, but she did it. I don't think she's shown near enough honesty, integrity, and determination for this, but it's her Mom's name on the parental loan forms not mine, so it's not my pig.

She came over last night and Bick wished her well. We are taking her out to dinner on Wednesday and she'll be off on Sunday. There will be just one more opportunity for major conflict as Bick wants her car out of his name, so he, the ex and Sandy will have to take care of that sometime this week.

And he's unsure about what he will do tuition wise. This school is very, very expensive and will require, by my estimation, a full six years to get through, at 37K per academic year. We estimate her student loan debt load to be into the 6 figures before it's all said and done. I told him that he doesn't have to decide what he will do right now . His offer to take care of tuition/expenses stood for a local school. My thought is that he can contribute the same amount directly to her student loans. She's made the decision to go to a school that she, nor her family can afford. The sense of entitlement here astounds me. But, as always, I need to remembed that this isn't my pig.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Life is a mixed bag.



  1. Great work on the running! Personally, the balls of the foot thing never worked for me and it sent impact up my entire leg. The flat foot Chi thing is a better fit for my body. You've got to try different styles until you find your own efficient running style.

    Regarding Bick and Sandy - perhaps he should offer to contribute whatever the local school costs were, but starting with her second semester at the school in Chicago. If it's about Sandy's education, then Bick gets to decide his contribution and Sandy gets to decide her educational path. If it's Bick contributes only if Sandy does what he wants, then it's quid pro quo.

    The second semester acknowledges that Sandy already blew a year's worth of local tuition, books, expenses. Also, it will allow Bick to establish a minimum GPA for his contribution - perhaps a B- average.

    Not your pig, but I wanted to toss it out there. Bick doesn't have to define his contribution now. He can tell Sandy that they will discuss it after her first set of grades.

  2. I tried the Chi running and it didn't work for me. I've also tried a number of other "methods" as well. Each one of them has crippled me in one way or another. Now, the method I use was recommended by some runner-author who said to just run in whatever way feels natural. He said there are many elite runners who have a problem with their form and they're doing just fine. So, that's what I do and I no longer have knee or calf issues. BTW, if you watched the women's marathon on the Olympics, there are some very fast runners with much less than perfect form (one of them looked more like a robot). Just keep on pounding the pavement and enjoy yourself!!

  3. Great advice. I just need to do my own thing.


  4. As painful as it might seem or feel, I wonder if a "real good" stretch session might not help with the pain...

    Ohhh I see San Diego in your horizon... You know I only live like 45 min. from there. Love it there!!


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