Saturday, August 9, 2008

Skipping School

I'm home from the running group meeting. I was the oldest person there. I was the slowest runner there. Oh well. Really, I don't care about that. We were broken down into runners and runners/walkers. I hung with the runner group, which was me and a couple of middle school girl gazelles. Seriously, it was lovely to see young women enjoying their fitness and athleticism. Sweet kids.

There were about four women whom I would guess were ten years my junior in the runner/walker group and they were quite nice. Our workout consisted of some rapid leg work - grapevines, skipping, side stepping, backwards running - all designed to improve our running dynamics. Then a 2.5 mile run. For me, it was too damn hot and too damned humid to be out on a parking lot running, but I did it. My recovery was way too slow, however. It took me too long to cool down and for my heartrate to return to good.

This is a 12 week program culminating in doing a 5k local run. I'm glad I went and I'll go back for more. I've got to look online to get my homework and exercise schedule. It will be something different, anyway.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Join a club.



  1. Roxie, I am the slowest person at my running club Every Single Week. Some of our runners qualified for Boston - we're talking 7 minute miles for 26.2. There are some ladies in their 60's who are running faster than I am.

    Guess what, it doesn't matter. I'm there every Saturday just like they are. And they are always, always super supportive of me.

    Go and enjoy it. If it's hot, humid and hellish just go and get it done.

  2. Even if you are the slowest one in the group, you're still faster than everyone who sat at home and didn't even bother to show up! Besides, it is a younger group so don't compare your abilities with theirs. You are at an age where your peer group is slowing down and becoming less active, so the fact you're out there running will be the envy of many! Concentrate on what you CAN do because many others cannot run because they're too out of shape. It sounds like you're getting some good training advice so keep at it and have fun!


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