Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks for the fish

Down 10.5, 9.5 to go

Finally a fish dinner to be happy with! Bick called me at work to invite me to swing by and pick him up from home before going into the county seat to pick up my car. Wanted to take me out to dinner! Sweetheart that he is. So we headed into Hannah's, as was my choice. I knew that I would have a much tougher time dining Italiano. It's hard to pass up hand made ravioli. I figured I could get some sort of fish at Hannah's.

I made the safe choice, which was the salmon and it was very nice. Veg of the day was asparagus, so I was a happy, happy camper. My splurge (I had the calories for it) was to split an appetizer of bacon-wrapped dates. Heaven on a cute little square plate. I enjoyed and savored every morsel.

The new running group meets this morning and the very real possibility exists that I will be the oldest/slowest runner there. But I'm still a runner, right? And ten years ago, no one would have ever made me believe that was a possibility for me. So, I'll walk into a new place, meet a bunch of new people, expose them to my cellulite thighs (my running skirt is at the office gym) and just get on with it. Life's too short not to fill it with new experiences. I might possibly learn something or what I'm really hoping for, is someone to run with consistently. I've really grown tired of going it alone.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Re-invent your motivation.


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  1. Being a runner is NOT defined by any particular pace but by an attitude. If you FEEL like a runner, you ARE a runner!!! Run on sister!


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