Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something More

I'm reading Something More by Sarah somethingorother - the author of Simple Abundance, one of my favorite books. I'm enjoying the book, using it as a part of my morning meditation/quiet time. I'm also following some of the exercises in the book. I don't know that they are pointing me to any big spiritual truths, but it gives me an excuse to cut out pictures and stuff. One of the activities she advocates is creating an illustrated journal by cutting out pictures from magazines, your own photos, using your own mementos. I've always sort of kept a decorating idea folder with pictures of rooms, furniture, paint chips, etc that appealed to me. Now I'm just doing the same, but with a broader scope. One of the categories is style. I know what I like, but I don't always seem to purchase things in keeping with that style. And it's hard to be stylish at this age - it's much easier to be dowdy or worse yet, dress too young. I'm too old for The Gap and too young for Coldwater Creek, Chico's and the like. A tweener, I guess.

There was an interesting article in the NYT just a few days ago about this very thing. With the demise of Sigrid Olsen's design line and Dana Buchman now becoming a store-brand for Kohl's, finding appropriate up-casual and business-wear has become more difficult. Right now, or rather I'm still looking for a fashion idol, a woman of a certain age who still manages to look pulled together, sporty, tailored, but not too severe, polished, but not overdone. I think it may be impossible.

I do know that I love and can't really find: white button down shirts that don't look too boxy, good leather anything, dark denim trouser cut jeans, blazers that don't look small. I HATE that undersized look. I've spent half my life stuffed into clothes that I was growing out of and the last thing I want to do is buy that look on purpose! I do like a layered look, sort of Diane Keatonish, but without the neuroses. Don't need the hat, don't need the gloves and I cannot wear turtlenecks.

I've been slacking off at the gym since Saturday, so today it's back to boot camp. Work has just been kicking my ass, but not in a way that will improve the way it looks in a pair of the jeans that don't seem to exist anymore.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Develop a style.


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  1. You know who looks really good? Jamie Lee Curtis. Not always, but mostly she looks damn good on the red carpet and the talk show couches. Way to represent middle age sister friend!


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