Friday, November 14, 2008

Bono, The King of Ireland

I'm going to see Bono, The King of Ireland. No, I'm not going to a U2 concert, although that would be very cool. I'm going to Ireland. Specifically, Bick and I are going to spend part of our winter holiday on the Emerald Isle, in the cold, wet rain. It was pretty much a spur of the moment decision - actually, it's not a done deal yet - I've got to finalize everything with the travel agent today.

I'm still sort of giddy about the decision. And suffering my usual buyer's remorse and as I analyzed it a bit more - guilt. I have no reason to feel guilty about this. Yes, I have some debt remaining and this trip will postpone my payoff by a couple of months, but travel is really what I love/want to do. So this is okay for me.

The really stupid part of this, the part that I'm dreading, is telling my Mother. How f'n stupid is that? I'm 48 years old and I just don't want to hear about how "she guesses we won't be going to WA anytime soon since I'm spending all my money to go to Europe". Bet you a donut that's exactly the response I get. Before I realized the full extent of my feelings of dread about this, I was already contemplating taking her/them on a quick trip to WA by way of appeasement. Duh, Roxie - this is one of the ways you earned part of the current debt you are paying off.

I want to go to Ireland with Bick. I want to travel. I work and I don't spend money frivilously - taking this trip is VERY inline with my personal goals and philosophy. Feeling stupid guilt is not.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. U2.



  1. Yeah!!!

    We loved Ireland. It's awesome. Every single person in the world should go there. (We were there in November and it rained less than 3 hours for our entire trip.)

  2. Do what makes you happy. It's okay.

  3. Go, don't look back. Guilt never does anybody any good. (easier said than done, I know)

    Smile and just enjoy the GREEN!!


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