Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Or whatever cutesy thing unmarried couples call whatever event they attach particular significance to. Today is the anniversary of our first person to person telephone conversation - three years ago. I'm not so sentimental as to recall the date except that it is my cousin's birthday and I had told Bick that I wouldn't be able to converse until after the party was over.

And converse we did. I remember him being very articulate, quick-witted and sure of himself without being cocky. I remember being pretty hooked in to seeing where this would go very early on. He says the same thing of me.

We had the best first date ever a few days after that - a Sunday afternoon, as I recall. Seems like my schedule had kept me pretty tied up all that week. I think I was doing a wedding cake for a friend, had a football game to attend, as well as a well-remembered coolgirl gathering outdoors at Never's house, back when she still lived in Fort Worth. I remember not being a bit disappointed when me met face to face.

It didn't go quite so smoothly after that, but both of us did some soul-searching, I got some more therapy and six months later we gave it another go. Phase II bares little resemblance to Phase I, other than our obvious attraction for one another. Attraction probably isn't the right word - there's just a commonality that exists between us, an understanding and a same-pageness that I've never had in any other relationship. The last three years have allowed and inspired more personal growth in me than in any time in my life. Sure, circumstances have played a part in that, but so has Bick. He's in my corner and he's got my back. I've never felt that I had a partner that I could lean on. And we lean on each other.

I've given up trying to mold and control the future, so I don't have a clue as to where we will end up, but I do know that I'm glad I'm here. And I'll always be glad I was. This has been a life-changing part of the journey.


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  1. Hey that's cool... Anniversary and all. All that cutesy stuff to ya!!

    You're self awareness sure keeps me on my toes, so I for one am very grateful that you are so keen!!


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