Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Split my lunchtime workout between three different machines so as to be less boring. Anyone listen to motivational podcasts? I'm looking for anything to combat boredom here.

Harvested our first batch of turnip greens from the winter garden over the weekend. Yummy. So very tender and not at all bitter. Who knew I would ever turn out to like greens!


  1. I have heard high praise for cardio coach (www.cardiocoach.com) although I have to admit I have not tried it myself.

  2. Beans & greens!! Look up all the recipes you can find. It's basically greens of almost any variety (escarole, turnip beet, kale, chard) wilted in a pan, add some chicken stock, toss in a can or two of cannelini beans (drained) heat through & go to town. For an added thrill, you can add crumbled italian sausage and a pasta of your choice, but this tends to erode the healthiness of the dish.


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