Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bendy Bliss

Just back from restorative yoga. After yesterday's bootcamp, I really needed something to work out some sore muscles. I just love this yoga class, even with the new instructor. I'll probably be sore again tomorrow, but maybe I'll sleep better tonight.

Last night I awoke about 2:30 am and didn't even toss and turn. It hurt too much to move. I could have used an ibuprofen drip.

I'm considering either a rest day tomorrow, or just an easy treadmill session. I'm pretty beat from M-T-W and I need to have something left for boxing class on Saturday.

Pebbles is bringing the herd up on Saturday morning to spend some time with us. Bick and I will be celebrating his birthday with a fancy-pants dinner at home on Saturday night. Should be a nice weekend all around.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get bent.



  1. Fancy pants dinner? You'll have to share your menu!

  2. Perhaps not so much fancy pants. Kobe beef ribeyes, sauteed asparagus, fresh spring greens salad, and for Bick, a pecan tart dessert.


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