Saturday, February 28, 2009


Roxie at Christmas in 1969.

I'm spending this cool and very windy day going through slides that go back nearly 50 years. Or however long there have been slides. Word to the wise, people. Take pictures of people. In a few years you won't be able to identify the state that picture was taken in - that particular rock is now unidentifiable. Oh, and take close ups of people. That's what matters. Not far off pictures with Old Faithful gurgling in the background. I want to see a closeup of my grandpa's face on that hot summer trip in 1969. I can google up a damned geyser. I can't google up Pa.

I've got hundreds of slides here that I'm transferring to my pc with some gadget that the Bickster recommended I buy. It's a long process, with 90 percent of the slides being discarded without saving, as there is just no point.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't agree more. Why, why do people take pictures from far away. My big regret of wedding pics, NOT hiring a real photographer. She was way too shy to get up close and personal. All my shots are from across the backyard of the back of people's heads. (niiicee...) GRRR!

    Speaking of slides, I have a shoebox full of my parents life before jill... spain, my brother as an toddler, so fun!! I've been on the hunt for the old fashioned projector to view large on the wall, like the olden days. Haven't found one as of yet!!

    Your project sounds interesting though!

  2. What a good lookin kid! I also appreciate your family's use of Kodachrome.

    Your observation is quite accurate too - it's the people that make the memories, not the things. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. How adorable! Love the tree! We had the silver aluminum tree with the colored light that shone on it! Love old photos that show the way we were.


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